Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flower Tutorial No. 2

Okay scrappers a while ago I was asked about a tutorial on a flower that I had shown here in my blog. Well I have finally finished it... they are lots of things u can make variations on in this flower and I will go through that at the end. If you look closely at a lot of my projects from the past I use this particular flower on TONS of my projects... Shall we begin?

These were the flowers I was asked to do a tutorial on so here it is...

These are the items you will need for this flower. Adhesive (I used a hot glue gun), stickles (optional, and I used black diamond), and 5 flower die cuts (Mine come from the bloom light cartridge) for the flower in this tutorial the flower sizes were 1- 2 1/4" ~ 6 petal flower, 1- 2" ~ 6 petal flower, and 3- 1" ~ 6 short petaled flowers. Here is where the difference comes in the measurements I used on the originally requested flower tutorial were 2- 2 1/2" ~ 6 petaled flowers, and 3- 1" ~ 6 short petaled flowers.

Here is a closer shot of the 5 flowers I used to make this flower, the paper line is from BOBunny's Mama-razzi Collection, the specific sheet is called Mama-razzi Stripe.

First thing is to take the 2 larger flowers and curl one side of each over, make sure you curl opposite sides of the petal on each flower (curl one from the right, and one from the left)

Then I took the smaller of the two flowers and bent the petal's upward, this just creates slightly more depth on the finished flower and is an optional step.
Then I pulled and oops and missed a picture, glue the smallest flower onto the largest flower. so that the petals fit in between each other.

Now for the center of the flower, this is just a small rosette type flower. Cut all the peices as you see in the picture above, do not dispose of any, you will use all pieces in making this.

Now take the flowers and glue them together as shown, I also curl the edges over to give the flower some more prettiness to it. The 6 petaled flower leaves you with 5 petals, the 5 petaled flower with 4 petals, and the 4 petaled flower with 3. You are gluing two petals together to give it its 3-D look. 

then I take the two smaller ones and snip the point off so that they fit better inside each other.

Then glue them together, the 5 petaled piece is on the bottom, the 4 petaled piece fits inside of that, and then the 3 petaled piece. 

The single petal looks like this when you are finished shaping it, I roll the top over just like I do with all the other petals for this piece of the flower then I put a crease in the middle.

This is where things get a little tricky, this is the 2 petaled piece you have left over and what it should look like when it is finished. Now what I do is curl the petals first then I take and roll one of the petals in then glue it to the other petal then I roll what is left of the other petal in the opposite direction and glue it on.

That single petal that you have, take and glue it to the 2 petaled piece, to make it a 3 petaled center. it should look something like what is pictured above. (forgive the hot glue on my hands.)

then again I snip some of the bottom off of this piece.

Then glue it into the center of the flower. The finished product should look something like this.

Then glue that piece to the center of the other piece of the flower, and there you have it!

I do then take the stickles and trace them around the very edges of some of the petals on the center piece.

Now as for another difference in the original flower I also inked the edges of the bottom pieces of this flower and in the tutorial I didn't. Remember you can always do that as well. It all depends on what you would like and what you plan on using it for.

Hope you all enjoyed the tutorial and can make wonderful use of this flower. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, or email me, I will be happy to help!

Happy crafting!

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Just Jaime said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!