Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally time to show my blog some love..

Here we go I have not been updating much lately but have succeeded at accomplishing some things this weekend...

Back on Jan 31st of this year my son had his first birthday, I finally got around to scrapbooking only one of the pages for this! Its a start, I have been going through kind of a scrappers block for the last little while but it seems to be starting to come back together.

So there she be the first page from his first birthday.. I really like the simplicity of it, it is one of the few that I have done that was not a 2 pager... I really find the single pages more challenging then the doubles I am not sure why. I love this page. I will up date this in a little bit when I get my scrappy area organized with who the papers belong too... Right now it is a GINORMOUS mess!

Also this weekend I have finally finished the flowers for my swap over at for the April Flower Swap. If you check my blog regularly you have seen me post pictures of the flowers as I have been finishing them well here are the last 2 for you... The die cuts were from the Cricut Bloom light cartridge and the paper is just Bazzil Basics Cardstock.

I love these red ones... I think they turned out so special, of course they are like the 5th set I have attempted and did not really like the other 4 so I have a pile of red flowers I need to use... Good thing I still have yet to finish last Christmas' LO's.

The back ones here do appear almost black in the photo but they are really just a dark brown... I think these look fabulous and even better in person. They were done in my melting pot with UTEE and I LOVE THESE GLASS FLOWERS, I even made myself a set.

And onto the last thing I have to show you for this post.. is a card I made, not for anyone in particular. It will sit in my stash of cards until I find someone who I wish to give it too. My stash of cards is starting to get huge by the way... I need to start giving these things away instead of hoarding them for myself. I will show you a picture of the stash once I get my scrappy area all cleaned up. Enough of my rambling.

I love this card it is one of the favorites that I have made lately. Very simple, the distressing and the pop up dots under the pages really give the card some depth... the black ink on the heart button i find really make it look not like a button... The quote is one of my all time favorites. The paper likes I will note again once I get my scrappy area all cleaned up (You have no idea I dont even think I could locate my Cricut right now).

Well thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed my project.. I am going to go clean my mess (BOO) and then finish April's Mini Album... Just a couple last things to do and I will photograph it and post if up here for you all later this evening... that is my goal two entries today! I also am almost finish the flower tutorial that was requested of my and that will hopefully go up tomorrow for you all (fingers crossed)

Have a wonderful easter and HAPPY SCRAPPING!

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