Monday, March 21, 2011

While my labtop gets repaired.....

And I sit here almost crying because so much of my world is on that computer...I make most of my income from it, all of my photography files are on there (yes I have them stored on a backup but thats not the point!), all of my digi stamps are on there (I should save them to a backup... dumb me!), and all of my photos of projects I have ready for this blog are on there... So that being said you have to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday for a project from me... but there are a couple ready and waiting to be posted in the mean time while I go crazy and keep making flowers for a swap I am in I am going to answer a couple of question I have been asked in the last little while.

With my hairbows there are a bunch that I need to post up on here and I have a Tutorial for them basically ready so I look forward to sharing that with you in the near future. I have about 3 paper flower tutorials ready to go and will be posting the spiratically throughout the next while. When it comes to my paper flowers all of my shapes are cut with my cricut, but that is going to change soon too as I am going to buy myself a different die cut machine next weekend, that being said I WILL NOT GET RID OF MY CRICUT. I have to much money invested into it. I also have March's Mini album complete and waiting to be photographed (remember the teaser I showed you all a few posts back, wait till you see the completed album!) I am also almost finished my first mini lunch box alteration and should complete that today so it will also be ready for you all to see and love or hate whichever you preferr...

Remember if you have any questions about anything on this blog feel free to ask. I have nothing to hide and love to share my talents with you all... OH YA!!! Look out for some of my paintings to hit the blog as well I have been getting back into those and am currently working on a mural at a pre-school in the city ITS FABULOUS!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I know, I know... I am slipping

I promise my entries will get more frequent fairly soon! I am so busy right now, I know it is not an excuse for ignoring you all. But here is my excuse... I have a craft show on April 2nd, and for that I need a pile of hairbows, clippies, I am taking a few paper bag albums that I have made in the past and some of my fellow local scrappers would love the opportunity to purchase some of my handmade flowers (I don't make them just to give them away unless it is in swap, I know it sounds greedy but really I just don't have time to give them away for nothing in return. I have however made a few and given them to some close friend scrappers for their birthdays.) I guess people seem to thing I am really good at them. Just you wait though the flowers I have put up on here already are nothing compared to some of the more intraquite stuff I make I have one flower that I make that takes me about an hour per flower, but that is a different story all together! So on that note I am a busy person right now and will take a bunch of pictures of things this week and will post at least one blog entry this week (Fingers crossed I can keep this),

I thank all of you for following my blog, I really appreciate it and hope for it to keep growing. as an added incentive to tell your friends and followers to follow my blog as well, if you go to the entry prior to this and vote for your favorite flower set, I will add the set with the most votes to the RAK. Lets get this blog to 75 so I can give this RAK away, I already have my next one half way complete for you all!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I have taken a break but am back at it..

This last week has been so incredibly busy, with my sister moving so helping her pack and get organized, watching my niece, working 10 hours a day. You know all that typical life stuff. So today I got back into doing some stuff, when my son napped that is! So all I really got done was a few sets of flowers so here they are for you all. Let me know what you think maybe I will make some tutorials for you all!!

Flower set No.1: Here they are ladies all the pieces for these flowers were cut out of the Cricut Light Cartridge BLOOMS! There are 2 pieces for the bottom that I curled on one side and there are 3 pieces for the mini roses on top! The paper line is from Bo Bunny, I also used Stickles-Black Diamond around the mini roses.

Flower set No.2: Again cut using the BLOOMS cartridge, I cutled the sides under and added some Ice Stickles to the bottom petals for a little shine! Again I used Bo Bunny paper for these ( I will check the name of the line and update it later). I used Mickey buttons I had to embellish the centers.

Flower set No.3: These are made with nothing but circles!! They are so easy I need to figure out what I would like to use for centers I think they need something! Again used Bo Bunny paper from the same mystery line (at least to me at this moment).

Flower set No.4: I made these using the same BLOOMS cartridge. The paper lines I have no idea they were out of my scraps bin (I gotta use the scraps somewhere) and used a simple brad for the centers. There are 3 pieces to these flowers. 

Flower set No. 5: These are the same as Flower set No.3, but I am unsure of the paper line.

Flower set No.6:  These were made the same as Flower set No.1. But the paper I am unsure of where it came from. No stickles or glitter on these just heavily inked the edges. I think they turned out wonderful and are my favorites from what I accomplished today. 

I have tons more flowers cut out, and waiting to be put together! I will post some pictures of them tomorrow!! I think they are turning out great, I have a new love for making flowers! Also on the list to accomplish tomorrow is to finish my cards for my swap! And I have one more thing for you a sneak peek of March`s mini album!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A very CRAFTY weekend!

So I didn't nearly get as much scrapping done this week as I would have liked, I was just too played out after work to do anything! IT SUCKED!! So this weekend I am on a mission to get as much done as I can! So you may see more then one post from me in a week and each post may have more then one project in it (I am finishing up some I started before as well as working on new ones.

Weekend Project No.1: Challenge for Scrappy Chic Cafe the LO must be at least 50% GREEN!

Here is the finished LO (yes I know there are no pictures on it but there is still snow on the ground), fulfilling the 50% green requirement. 
I used 2 12x12 black cardstock out of my stash (sorry I can not remember the brand), Bo Bunny- Sun kissed- Spash Zone Item # 12SKZ832 (backside), Kaiser Craft- Sublime P226 Majesty, and P227 Outrage Are the papers I used for the main LO.
The flowers were made from Pique-Nique - Smoothie aux Fraises. Ice Stickles by Ranger Ink- Ice Lime. As well as Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels- Key Lime Pie.
The ink on the LO is Versacolor- 161 Green Tea, I also used Glimmer mist by Tattered Angels- Key Lime Pie on some of the pieces of paper to add a bit of shine to them. 

Here is a close up of some of my handmade flowers, I used stickles on them as well, the stickers are just some from my stash, I am not sure where they came from.

The script on the LO- Happy: Adjective; joyous, exuberant, sunny, content, playful, upbeat, convivial, peaceful, intoxicating; your default disposition (thank-you); how I feel every single day knowing you and loving you.

These were made with my Cricut, I then inked the edges.

Again, made with the Cricut, then inked edges.

Here is the other flower I made I used Glimmer mist and Ice stickles on this as well.

So there is my first project of the day and I absolutely love it! 

Here is a card for m card swap, the digital stamp comes from Kenny K I absolutely LOVE his stuff, I colored it with Prisma Color Pencil Crayons and created the words on Microsoft Word I think the card is simple but I still love it. 
Weekend Project No.2: Another card for my card swap.