Sunday, March 13, 2011

I know, I know... I am slipping

I promise my entries will get more frequent fairly soon! I am so busy right now, I know it is not an excuse for ignoring you all. But here is my excuse... I have a craft show on April 2nd, and for that I need a pile of hairbows, clippies, I am taking a few paper bag albums that I have made in the past and some of my fellow local scrappers would love the opportunity to purchase some of my handmade flowers (I don't make them just to give them away unless it is in swap, I know it sounds greedy but really I just don't have time to give them away for nothing in return. I have however made a few and given them to some close friend scrappers for their birthdays.) I guess people seem to thing I am really good at them. Just you wait though the flowers I have put up on here already are nothing compared to some of the more intraquite stuff I make I have one flower that I make that takes me about an hour per flower, but that is a different story all together! So on that note I am a busy person right now and will take a bunch of pictures of things this week and will post at least one blog entry this week (Fingers crossed I can keep this),

I thank all of you for following my blog, I really appreciate it and hope for it to keep growing. as an added incentive to tell your friends and followers to follow my blog as well, if you go to the entry prior to this and vote for your favorite flower set, I will add the set with the most votes to the RAK. Lets get this blog to 75 so I can give this RAK away, I already have my next one half way complete for you all!

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