Saturday, March 12, 2011

I have taken a break but am back at it..

This last week has been so incredibly busy, with my sister moving so helping her pack and get organized, watching my niece, working 10 hours a day. You know all that typical life stuff. So today I got back into doing some stuff, when my son napped that is! So all I really got done was a few sets of flowers so here they are for you all. Let me know what you think maybe I will make some tutorials for you all!!

Flower set No.1: Here they are ladies all the pieces for these flowers were cut out of the Cricut Light Cartridge BLOOMS! There are 2 pieces for the bottom that I curled on one side and there are 3 pieces for the mini roses on top! The paper line is from Bo Bunny, I also used Stickles-Black Diamond around the mini roses.

Flower set No.2: Again cut using the BLOOMS cartridge, I cutled the sides under and added some Ice Stickles to the bottom petals for a little shine! Again I used Bo Bunny paper for these ( I will check the name of the line and update it later). I used Mickey buttons I had to embellish the centers.

Flower set No.3: These are made with nothing but circles!! They are so easy I need to figure out what I would like to use for centers I think they need something! Again used Bo Bunny paper from the same mystery line (at least to me at this moment).

Flower set No.4: I made these using the same BLOOMS cartridge. The paper lines I have no idea they were out of my scraps bin (I gotta use the scraps somewhere) and used a simple brad for the centers. There are 3 pieces to these flowers. 

Flower set No. 5: These are the same as Flower set No.3, but I am unsure of the paper line.

Flower set No.6:  These were made the same as Flower set No.1. But the paper I am unsure of where it came from. No stickles or glitter on these just heavily inked the edges. I think they turned out wonderful and are my favorites from what I accomplished today. 

I have tons more flowers cut out, and waiting to be put together! I will post some pictures of them tomorrow!! I think they are turning out great, I have a new love for making flowers! Also on the list to accomplish tomorrow is to finish my cards for my swap! And I have one more thing for you a sneak peek of March`s mini album!!


Shelly Anne said...

Absolutely love your flowers! Thanks for coming over and following my blog. Sorry it took me so long to visit yours. I forget to check for comments!

Charisma3103 said...

Jessie could you possibly do a tutorial on these flowers? At first I thought they were metal..



Jessie said...

Hey Janie.. hopefully you check back. I was just wonder which flower in particular you were looking for a tut on. I am currently working on a bunch of tutorials (I make something like 40 different flowers) but I will bump your up to the top... if its all of them thats fine I can zip them off when I get back home tomorrow

Charisma3103 said...

I was looking at the fierst one in this post it almost look like they were metal that's why they causght my eye...