Sunday, February 27, 2011

My creativity this weekend...

So I have had slim to ambition to do things like laundry, cleaning, or even a LO. It has been a pretty blah weekend, especially since my son had a cold and was sick all week. So INSTEAD... I have been working on my swaps, and making flowers, and cards!

This is one of the cards for my swap the butterfly papers are from Teresa Collins' line POSH! I love these papers and have so many more plans for them they just look spectacular. Think my son would be offended if I made him a butterfly LO? I used Liquid Pearls to add a little shine to the large butterfly at the bottom and to the digital stamp. Sorry I do not remember where I purchased this stamp, if it was from you and you happen upon this please leave me a comment and I will add the link onto this post. The other small appliqu├ęs are just some random ones I think I bought for the intended use on my hair bows, but they look fantabulous on this card! 

Here is the sneak peek #2 of my card swap cards. Again I used Teresa Collins' paper line POSH. This just goes to show how versatile this like really can be! I love it so much (I think I should have got more)! The digital stamp of the girl is one again that I do not remember where I purchased it (cut me a break I have like 2300 digital stamps, I think I hoard them.), but again if it is yours leave me a comment and I will link your site on this post. I pulled out the Liquid pearls again, and a sticker that was in my stash it was one of only two left on the sheet so I can say that they are at least a year old (possibly 5, lol I don't destash often) but it looks great on here. 

These are my easter embellishments for a swap, I know some people don't consider a tag an embellishment but I was in the tag making mood and I think they turned out great. I used scraps of paper so I can't even tell you what line they are from anymore (that't part of my love for tags it helps me to use up some of my mountain of scraps), if you know the line let me know and I will link it on this post. The feather and ribbon are just random things in  my stash in all honesty there is nothing on these tags that I can for sure tell you where it came from besides the yellow ribbon with the orange stitch I bought that at micheals!

Her is a closer shot of the top of my Easter tags I think they are so sweet and still have enough room to be personalized for the lucky scrappers who receive them!

Here is a nice tight shot of the flowers I made I think they are so pretty and look way better in person, the picture does not do them justice, I could not for the life of me find the perfect button or rhinestone for the center so a large Liquid Pearl did the trick, the bottom piece to the flower or the "leaves" are also coated in glimmer mist! 

And my final tag for the day is a boy tag, I love the bright papers on here with distressing, I think it looks fantabulous *yes, I love that word., the buttons and the feathers really set it off. The striped piece of paper at the boom is acctually open on top to create a mini pocket ( I am not sure if I will ever use the pocket but its there if I want to).

Have a wonderful week all you crafters, create some wonderful things to show off, I will be back no later then Wednesday with another post and some more things to show you all. I really appreciate you all taking the time to read and look at my blog if there is anything that can be done to improve or things you would like to see feel free to leave a comment, I read them all and try to accomplish everything asked of me, I am currently working on a few things for you all including a hairbow tutorial and another flower tutorial, also March's Mino Album. 

Don't forget to check out my first RAK and leave a comment for your chance to win, I will be using to choose the winner once I get to 75 followers. 

On one more real quick note if you want a chance to win a spectacular giveaway including stamps, punches, tags and a tote! Go over to lil sweet peas for your chance to enter!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Creatively Scrapping & D-STRESS GIVEAWAY

Hey scrappy crafters!

The great PINKY is having a giveaway on her blog! It is a pretty spectacular giveaway, it is a D-Stress from Imaginisce! Get on over there and share her giveaway on your blog and get your name in on this one!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tutorial No.1 - One quick flower!

So Scrappers everyone seems pretty happy with my flowers that I am using in my RAK. I just thought that I would share with you how I make these... the one I have done for this tutorial is just on plan non-textured green cardstock (just something out of my scrap bins).

So what you need for this flower is...

Three circles, I used 2 inch green circles for this flower, you can use whatever you wish.

A tool kit, I used my Making Memories kit, you need the hole punch and eyelet setter and hammer.

One eyelet... it doesn't have to be a pretty eyelet as it will never been seen once you are finished, you will also need water either in a spray bottle or just wet your hands.

So lets get this starting this flower just takes 5 minutes to put together! So quick and looks so cute!

Take your 3 circles and get them damp either by wetting your hands and patting them (that is my preferred method) or with your spray bottle. 

Crumple your three circles into balls and let them sit for about a minute.

Now is when you are going to need your punch and eyelet setter.

Unfold your circles back out.

Now punch a whole approximately in the center of each circle. (You could also do this before you dampen your paper I just do it now because I usually forget to do it till about this step)

Take that eyelet out..

Attach the 3 circles together with the eyelet. 

Take the top circle and crumple it up fairly tight around the eyelet in standing position.

Do the same with the second circle, just not quite as tight as the first circle.

And lastly do the third one as well. Your flower will now look something like what is pictured above. Let it sit for a minute or two.

Then pull them apart just a bit, to make your flower look something like this, just play with it until you get it looking how you would like it.Let the flower sit until it is completely dry and it will get fairly hard.

To get a different effect you can ink the edges of the circle prior to starting the flower or after the flower has dried this will provide different looks to this simple flower. Also patterned paper makes it look amazing as well.

Have fun with this simple little flower!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So I was not going to do this till the 1st of March...

But.... here we go my first RAK! I am so completely excited about this. So here we go...

This is a complete picture of the Rak. It includes handmade flowers, tags, burts, felt embellishments, and a wavy boarder.

Another shot of the complete RAK.

These are the felt skull embellishments. 

Here is the large first tag.

A close up of the flowers I made for this tag.

Here is the small burst with its matching tag. 

Handmade Pink flowers with 4 layers. Sorry about it looking shiny its cloudy outside so I had to take the pictures inside. 

This is one of my favorite papers!! I usually ink the edges of these flowers but decided not to for this that way you can customize them to fit your project!

Set of 3 handmade flowers I sometimes put a center in them sometimes not. Again these are not shiny as they appear.

More flowers not shiny. Again sometimes with a center sometimes without depending on what they are being used for. 

Wavy boarder. I thought it went well with the tag and just looked fun!

Blue flowers, I love these it was almost hard to put them up here for the giveaway. The white spotted paper is not shiny the blue, however is shiny. THEY ARE FANTASTIC!

This is again a non shiny to shiny flower it looks spectacular in person. 

So now onto the rules for the RAK.

You must be a follower of my blog! If you are a follower just leave a comment if you are not a follower become one and then leave a comment!

For extra entries..
Share this on your blog with a link and one picture then post another comment with the link to your blog. 

A winner will be chosen by once I have 75 followers! As soon as I see this reached I will get the winner. Good luck I hope you like my RAK!

I am so excited to do my first RAK!! I know and see that this is a smaller one and I do plan on doing bigger and better things in the future!  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Checking in... oh ya and some of my new loot!!!

Okay my CRAFTY FRIENDS, so this past weekend I accomplished a ton of things that needed to get done, besides being crafty *SAD FACE*. I have taken a new apartment in a city 3 hours from where I am right now and am so excited to move, now its just to tackle the packing and all that good stuff... box up all my craftyness and move it to a new home, oh ya and my son too... I guess he comes with me (I am kidding by the way)

So anyway after my trip to look at my new place, I went down to see my man which is about 2 hours away, and got my belated valentines gift.... MY CRICUT EXPRESSION... I almost jumped for joy and Kevin well he laughed as usual. No more using my cousins anymore!!!! Best present ever!

Then I made the usual trip to Micheal's when I got to the city and bought myself a new tool kit, and I love it I have been putting eyelets into everything this evening (Yes I will have new things to show in the couple of day, and rumor has it I my be working on my first RAK). I also got myself a couple more stamping blocks, some new ink pads. That was all my Micheal's purchases for this trip... and I eyed up my next purchase, I am definitely getting myself a scoring board I have some awesome projects for when I get this!

When I was in Saskatoon I stopped my favorite scrapbooking store, Yesterday's Memories (the link to their blog is in the post before this I do believe. There I purchased a Teresa Collins page line that I can not wait to use!

Then I came home and checked the mail.... I LOVE EBAY AND ONLINE SHOPPING, it is my biggest addiction....

Here is some felt skull embellishments ribbon, yarn, flower embellishments, crocheted flowers, itsy bitsy snap clips. I use this stuff for everything from scrapbooking to hairbow making. (You may have seen some of this on my previous hairbow post this is just some more of the same stock). Then EBAY/ ONLINE SHOPPING day number 2 showed up giving me... my Kraftin Kimmy stamps which you will see soon I am using them on some cards I am currently making for the Canadian Card Swap on forum, and a couple more flower stamps and things I have ordered. I also got some more fabric butterfly embellishments, more ribbon. Then today it came again... I think this was the last shipment for a while (but I make no promises) I got my bottle caps and my seals for the top, some feathers, stickers, and binding clips. 

I have so much crafting to do... wow... I am so excited to share more with you all... 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Its a long weekend...

I wanted to finish up my first tutorial this weekend, but as usual life has gotten in the way and unfortunately I am not going to have my crafty project for you guys... well possibly on Monday after my nieces first birthday I will whip something quick up for you all.

On a plus not a trip to the city means a trip to Micheals, and to my favorite scrapbooking store in the entire world Yesterday's Memories in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, you have never met a nicer group of ladies, when you walk into this place you can't help but smile you are greeted with the ladies name and if there is anything they can do to help you they are more then happy to do it! If you are ever in Saskatoon or have live there and have never been in the store you should definitely stop in!!

So I will definitely have to post all of the new wonderful goodies I am going to have to work with, and maybe the damage to the bank account. I am giddy like a ten year old when the Carnival is in town!

Be back Monday everyone, have a happy crafting weekend....

Oh ya on a quick note I got my Kraftin Kimmie Stamps, they are beautiful! I will post a picture when I get home and tie into them!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend before V-day

So I have finished the cards I have needed to make. I may post pictures of them tomorrow we will see how work goes. But this weekend I had to work on restocking my bows and clippies... wow I sell alot of these things around here, it appears as though no one does them. Which is sweet for me....

Thats Right, I have spent the weekend crocheting flowers and using appliques and making bows! These are just a few that I have made next weekend I get to make a bunch more cards so look for those next weekend I am also working on my first tutorial for you all I am pretty excited to make my blog grow.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day is coming...

So as per with most crafty people I have been making cards... way TO MANY cards! Here is one for now... This was the 2nd card I have made in my life! I LOVE IT!

Now for a little history here.... Valentines day was originally designed by the Hershey company to promote their heart shaped boxes for their chocolates... Does not matter which way you look at this day either as a ploy marketing scam by companies to get you to spend more money on the people you love in between holidays or appreciate it and live it to its fullest no one escapes Valentines Day so u might as well make the best of it and have fun.

Here I did not like the way my ribbon framed it so I grabbed my velum and cut a 1 inch piece and folded it in half and ruffled (I guess is the word that I am looking for) it around the edge of the image. I think it turned out wonderful.

I would like to enter this card in the following challenges: 

Scrapbooking Sisters- Card Challenge No 22- My Valentine 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just a short post...

Because I am so EXCITED because I ordered about four Kraftin Kimmy stamps tonight!!!! If only they would be instantly here!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everyone love a giveaway right?

Well this one is Crazy fantastic I am so excited about it and keeping my fingers crossed that I win it...

Making the World Cuter is giving away the Epic6 L Letterpress Machine from Lifestyle crafts! The winner will receive a Letterpress Combo with at $170 value! Entries close on February 7th 2011. I know that doesn't give you much time but get on over to THIS BLOG!

Good luck!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It is my first...

Paper Bag Album!

I am so excited to show you all.... So lets dive right in... some of my photos are oof (out of focus) pardon that but you will get the jist of it... my mother took them she was playing withe my camera... FAILED! lol

Step 1: Three paper lunch bags rotating the ends so they are opposite

Step 2: Line the bags up and fold them in half.

Step 3: For this album I drew a line and made slits for my ribbon with my craft knife... you can also use a hole punch or there are many types of book/album biding materials that work too.

Here is where the real fun begins!! Decorating your pages. This is the cover of mine I used my colorbox cat's eye ink around the edges and various scraps of paper I had to create my cover. It says first birthday on it but really I am using it to put pictures and little notes and things in about his first year of life!

This is the first set of pages in the album. Unfortunately my pictures were not ready when I was in town earlier today so they will be added later (I may update the post to show you some of them when they are on and in the pockets of the album). The little man take is an additional pocket that I have not finished the item to go in. These Paper bag albums are great as you can keep adding things to them.

These are the tags in the first pocket of the album... the blank one says smash on the back and I am going to be putting a couple pictures of him with his 1st Birthday cake making a complete mess!

This is the second set of pages nothing really special going on here... I have a great black and white pictures coming small enough to go on the page that says baby on it!

This is the 3rd set of pages in the album the colors are so bright and fun I absolutely love it... the star is put on with pop up dots so it is lifted on the page and I cut it out with my craft knife i think it turned out awesome again I am not sure exactly what else I am going to put on here I am thinking a picture of his favorite green teddy... or something along those lines.. yes I create things sometimes without really knowing what I am going to do with it.

This is the 4th set of pages.. I really love it the pocket on the top has a little tag that says " I love you" and then a note I put in there about his nickname... the other side is also an additional pocket and I am going to put some of his milestones in it... when he first rolled over, crawled, took his first steps, etc

These are those tags from inside of that pocket I created...

There is one more set of pages for me to finish, one more pocket of tags, notes, and photo things I have to pull out to show you and the back cover... unfortunately I have a photoshoot to do this evening and will not have time to get it finished... unless I get ambitious when I get home... which is a good possibility. I really want to get this thing done! 

On another note.. I really liked making this paper bag/ mini album and have decided that I will feature at least one a month on my blog... who knows maybe one day one will be a giveaway or something along those lines... we will see... as for the dresser project I was hoping to start today looks like it is getting postponed till tomorrow, the life of having a 1 year old nothing ever works out as friends...

Happy crafting ladies I can't wait to show you some more.