Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Checking in... oh ya and some of my new loot!!!

Okay my CRAFTY FRIENDS, so this past weekend I accomplished a ton of things that needed to get done, besides being crafty *SAD FACE*. I have taken a new apartment in a city 3 hours from where I am right now and am so excited to move, now its just to tackle the packing and all that good stuff... box up all my craftyness and move it to a new home, oh ya and my son too... I guess he comes with me (I am kidding by the way)

So anyway after my trip to look at my new place, I went down to see my man which is about 2 hours away, and got my belated valentines gift.... MY CRICUT EXPRESSION... I almost jumped for joy and Kevin well he laughed as usual. No more using my cousins anymore!!!! Best present ever!

Then I made the usual trip to Micheal's when I got to the city and bought myself a new tool kit, and I love it I have been putting eyelets into everything this evening (Yes I will have new things to show in the couple of day, and rumor has it I my be working on my first RAK). I also got myself a couple more stamping blocks, some new ink pads. That was all my Micheal's purchases for this trip... and I eyed up my next purchase, I am definitely getting myself a scoring board I have some awesome projects for when I get this!

When I was in Saskatoon I stopped my favorite scrapbooking store, Yesterday's Memories (the link to their blog is in the post before this I do believe. There I purchased a Teresa Collins page line that I can not wait to use!

Then I came home and checked the mail.... I LOVE EBAY AND ONLINE SHOPPING, it is my biggest addiction....

Here is some felt skull embellishments ribbon, yarn, flower embellishments, crocheted flowers, itsy bitsy snap clips. I use this stuff for everything from scrapbooking to hairbow making. (You may have seen some of this on my previous hairbow post this is just some more of the same stock). Then EBAY/ ONLINE SHOPPING day number 2 showed up giving me... my Kraftin Kimmy stamps which you will see soon I am using them on some cards I am currently making for the Canadian Card Swap on forum, and a couple more flower stamps and things I have ordered. I also got some more fabric butterfly embellishments, more ribbon. Then today it came again... I think this was the last shipment for a while (but I make no promises) I got my bottle caps and my seals for the top, some feathers, stickers, and binding clips. 

I have so much crafting to do... wow... I am so excited to share more with you all... 

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