Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend before V-day

So I have finished the cards I have needed to make. I may post pictures of them tomorrow we will see how work goes. But this weekend I had to work on restocking my bows and clippies... wow I sell alot of these things around here, it appears as though no one does them. Which is sweet for me....

Thats Right, I have spent the weekend crocheting flowers and using appliques and making bows! These are just a few that I have made next weekend I get to make a bunch more cards so look for those next weekend I am also working on my first tutorial for you all I am pretty excited to make my blog grow.  

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karen g said...

Jessie, I cannot make a hair bow to save my life. But these are just adorable! I also love your crocheting stuff. My daughters do hair bows and crocheting like you. I called them over to show them your stuff, they like it very much. Will you do a "how-to" video for the bows? I think you should.....:)