Friday, February 4, 2011

Taking a break from my project today...

Which by the way I am bouncing off the walls to share!!! But you will have to wait and see I should have it finished tomorrow... and yes it is a scrapbooking project... which leads me to why I am posting at the moment... BESIDES that I needed a little break from staring at paper paper and more paper I figured I would take the opportunity to post some of the pages I have done in the past considering that my scrapbooks are currently in about a MILLION pieces... I should really put them back together one of these days... anyway onto the pictures here are some of my past layouts... hope you enjoy.

These all feature my son, Caleb, of course because I don't scrapbooking anything more then I do him, you will get to see lots of him!

One of my favorites of him... the leggo layout... I don't know who has seen or has this paper but the leggo tops actually pop slightly out of the paper it is so fun... if anyone is interested in any of the wording on my pages let me know and I can pass them along this one is not journaling it is actually a poem. 

This is my son and my cousin's son, Brayden.

One of my autumn layouts, I must have shook my T1I while taking this picture sorry about the fuzzyness, on a plus note all of these photos were taken by me, with my old sony point and shoot, its not always about the gear and the cost of your equipment more about if you know how to use it or now, that being said I would never give up my new camera for a point and shoot again. 

This was a trip to British Columbia and back to Saskatchewan that my son and I went on this summer, he was such a great little traveler. 

This is in the top 5 of my favorite layouts, I love Baby Feet and the water he is standing in just made it that much more special, and the face on the first page is priceless.

Well that is all for right now, guess it is time to get back to my project at hand, I will be back either later tonight or tomorrow depending on when I get this finished. Have a wonderful Friday. 


Jennie said...

Lovely LOs, I love the fall one!!

Jessie said...

Thank you very much :)

Meredith said...

Love the los! I'm following now. Would love for you to follow me too!