Monday, March 21, 2011

While my labtop gets repaired.....

And I sit here almost crying because so much of my world is on that computer...I make most of my income from it, all of my photography files are on there (yes I have them stored on a backup but thats not the point!), all of my digi stamps are on there (I should save them to a backup... dumb me!), and all of my photos of projects I have ready for this blog are on there... So that being said you have to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday for a project from me... but there are a couple ready and waiting to be posted in the mean time while I go crazy and keep making flowers for a swap I am in I am going to answer a couple of question I have been asked in the last little while.

With my hairbows there are a bunch that I need to post up on here and I have a Tutorial for them basically ready so I look forward to sharing that with you in the near future. I have about 3 paper flower tutorials ready to go and will be posting the spiratically throughout the next while. When it comes to my paper flowers all of my shapes are cut with my cricut, but that is going to change soon too as I am going to buy myself a different die cut machine next weekend, that being said I WILL NOT GET RID OF MY CRICUT. I have to much money invested into it. I also have March's Mini album complete and waiting to be photographed (remember the teaser I showed you all a few posts back, wait till you see the completed album!) I am also almost finished my first mini lunch box alteration and should complete that today so it will also be ready for you all to see and love or hate whichever you preferr...

Remember if you have any questions about anything on this blog feel free to ask. I have nothing to hide and love to share my talents with you all... OH YA!!! Look out for some of my paintings to hit the blog as well I have been getting back into those and am currently working on a mural at a pre-school in the city ITS FABULOUS!

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