Sunday, May 22, 2011

Recipe Card Box Tutorial

Here is my challenge/tutorial for this month over at Pages In Time! It is a recipe card box for my Be a Cooking Goddess Challenge over there. Make one of these and feel free to enter it there for a chance to win a darling RAK from me!!

So here is the Tutorial!

This ^^^^^ right there that is what I want you to create!!!

It is a Recipe Box that will hold 6x6 recipe cards, that means you can write them out on cards and scrap them and make them pretty!!!!!!!!

Well here is where the Tutorial comes into play... I will give you the directions on how to make this...
so here we go....

What you will need is

A strong adhesive (Score tape or hot glue)
score board
1 piece of thin chipboard or heavy card stock measuring 7"x12"
1 piece of thin chipboard or heavy card stock measuring 7x9
2 pieces of heavy card stock measuring 6x6
5 pieces of heavy card stock measuring 7x6
2 pieces of Patterned paper measuring 6 3/4" x 2 1/4"
2 pieces of Patterned paper measuring 6 3/4 x 6 1/4"

If you are using heavy card stock for the entire box you will need another piece or car stock measuring 7x 2 1/4" to reinforce the bottom.

you will also need embellishments of your choice.

Take your 7"x12" piece and score it at 2 1/2" , 5", and 11 1/2"
then fold it to look like the pictures above

Take your 7" x 9" piece and score it along the 9" side at 2 1/2"
Then fold to look like the picture above

Glue the above 2 pieces together so they look like the pictures above... the 1/2" gets glued to the 2 1/2" piece to make the base of the box.

This is when you will take your pieces of patterned paper and adhere them to the basis of the box on the front back and the top (if you are using just card stock this is where you will adhere the extra piece of card stock to the bottom.

Take your 2 pieces of 6" x 6" card stock and score it every 1/2"
then fold like the picture above

Then take your 5 pieces that measure 7" x 6" these are your dividers, attach them to pieces you just folded like the pictures above.
The last picture above the top will be the back and the bottom is the front

Then adhere your divider piece into the box

Your finished box should look similar to this.. there are many ways to keep the front flap closed, I usually use Velcro.

Happy crafting!


Carla said...

Wow what a fabulous recipe card box. Love it!

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