Friday, July 1, 2011

Pages in Time Interactive Blog Hop!!

Welcome to the Pages in Time Interactive Blog Hop!  We call it an “Interactive Blog Hop” because you do more than read a blog, you actually get to create a layout along the way!  At each stop you will collect steps for completing a layout!

The Interactive Blog Stop starts at the Pages In Time blog with the Pages In Time Weekly Sketch.  From there, you will hop from blog to blog to collect the steps to create your layout!  You should have arrived
here from Anna C.'s Blog.  If you stumbled upon the hop by accident, please play along (just make sure you hit all the blogs)!

The step you are collecting from me is Flowers!! You need to use a flower on your completed layout. This does not have to be the flower from the tutorial you will find below but a flower is required!

Here is my flower tutorial, for those of you that frequent my blog I have posted this tutorial before but have decided to use it for this hop because it is basic enough for anyone of any skill level to be able to complete it, as well as I think they look fantastic... so lets get started!!

To make this flower you are going to need 3 - 6 petal flowers, the ones pictured above were cut with my cricut the size is 1 1/2" (Note: you can make these any size you wish)

Cut the flowers as you see above, 2 petals off of one, 1 petal off of another, and a slit to the center off of the third. 

Then you will glue 2 petals together on the 3 larger pieces you have left (the 6 petal flower will become 5, the 5 petal flower will become 4 and the 4 petal flower will become 3). This is also where I shape my flowers using anything small and round (I usually use my making memories piercing tool), I curl the petals down.

Leaving the larger of the 3 layers whole, snip the bottom off of the two smaller layers. (This allows the flower to fit together better)

Glue the layers together, over lapping the petals when you are finished it should look something like this. 

Take your piece with 2 petals on it and curl the petals the same as you did when you were shaping the main part of the flower, I then roll 3/4 of the piece one way and glue it down then roll the rest the opposite way, when you are finished the top should look something like this.

Take your single petal and curl the petal out then press it into a cone, should look similar to what you see above. 

I then glue that onto the piece you created out of the double petals. 

Again we snip off the bottom to ensure a nice fit. 

I then glue the center into the flower and the finished product looks like this. 

Here is a what my flowers look like on this LO of my niece on here birthday, I also of course used the blog hop sketch!

Here is my completed LO I would tell you the paper line but I am re organizing my craft room at the moment so I can not find anything. 

Here is a close up of the title I stamped the words with little yellow handprints!

A Great shot of my lovely little flowers on this LO, as well as part of my flourish, the rest doesn't seem to show up in pictures but its there!!

here is another one of those flowers just made using an 8 petal flower!

Be certain to write down the steps along the way, because you will need to incorporate them into your layout to be eligible for the overall prize!  Speaking of prizes, take a peak at the grand prize:

To be eligible for the prize you must incorporate the sketch and five additional steps from the hop.  The order of the hop is as follows:

Anna C:
Lili: Blog is on the pages in time site...

Finally, you will need to upload your completed layout at Pages In Time.  If you are not already a member, you will need to become one.  Once you are there, you will find a Forum entitled “June 30 – July 6 Thursday Sketch”.  You will have until midnight on July 6th to upload your layout.  All layouts that are based upon the sketch and have incorporated at least five of the steps from the blog hop will be eligible for the prize.  A winner will be chosen by the Pages In Time Design Team.

You can earn two extra votes!!!  If you follow all the blogs listed in the hop and leave a comment on each blog, you will be eligible for an extra vote.  You can also earn an extra vote if you incorporate the step listed at each stop in your layout.  That means, if you do your layout based on the sketch and include all of the steps, you get an extra vote!

I will also be offering a small RAK from my own stash here, unfortunately I don't have a picture of it ready, but it will include some handmade flowers by me, as well as other goodies, lets see how many of you will enter for a mystery RAK!! All you need to do to enter for my person RAK is be a follower of my blog and post a comment below telling me what happens to scrappy time in the summer, does it stick around, disappear or just slow down!

Now hop on over to Stacey's blog.


Andrea Slee said...

Very cute page Jessie! Great tutorial too!

Anna C said...

Great flowers, Jessie!

Jeanie said...

Looks like a challenge I may have to try - if I don't like them, there are always paper flowers waiting in the wings!

misty said...

such a sweet layout and I love your tutorial!

ms.schwiet said...

I love making these roses and you did a great job explaining them... love how you did the title...hand print stamp I may need to find one of those

genagirl said...

I wondered how you made those. I've never been good at making flowers of any sort - even those ones you make in grade school with Kleenex - mine were awful! This is helpful to me - I will give it a try!

lindacreates said...

Thanks for the tutorial. My scrappy time can actually increase in the summer because when it gets very hot, over 90, I am in ac, unless we are out in the boat on the lake! At the price of gas, that won't be everyday.

Denayc said...

I love flowers on my lo's and this tutorial just went into my "things to try" file! On to the next step!

Traci Thiel said...

Great flowers! I love how you "dropped" the last letter in your title!

runzalot81 said...

Great LO. I've always love that 6 petal technique. Great hop!

laurak1 said...

What a perfect versatile flower! Thank you!

Tina said...

Fab tutorial, TFS. LOvely layout.

Denay said...

My scrappy time stays about the same! I'm lucky enough to have an understanding family that realizes that I need my scrap time (me time) and they do their best to give it to me :)

Uhooi said...

Wow,, It's a very sweet, nice and creative,,

Amarilys said...
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